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   T hunderstorm damaged houses in St. Elizabeth 

Glenroy Brown, July 13, 2011

A very unstable atmosphere coupled with a low level trough across the central Caribbean resulted inseveral thunderstorms cells forming across the island yesterday.Early reports out of St Elizabeth arethat four houses were damaged during strong down burst (freak storm) from Cumulonimbus clouds, inthe community of Lovely Point in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth on Tuesday, 12th July 2011.

During the afternoon Doppler radar reported heavy thunderstorm accompanied by strong gusty winds
which started about 2:00 p.m. over St Elizabeth. Confirmed reports from the RJR news stated thethunderstormsdestroyed the roofs and felled several trees in the community of Lovely Point. Thecommunity was also withoutelectricity due to the frequent lightning and thunder.

Strong down burst or micro burst from cumulonimbus cloudsare frequent across the island duringthe summer months. These generally develop from increase moisture at the surface couple withunstable atmosphere conditions. Unstable atmosphere is generally very buoyant and therefore usuallysupport rapid upwelling of rich warm moist air into the atmosphere. This supply of warm air will providethe energy that the thunderstorm cell needs. The greater the supply of energy on any given day themore powerful the thunderstorm cell will become. Hence, the more dangerous the down burst or windsfrom these thunderstorm systems.

Up to late last night, there were no reports of injuries.

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Source: http://rjrnewsonline.com

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